A a

А is for alarm-clock

That rings every day:

“Good morning, Good morning,

It’s time to play!”

B b

B is for bear,

My old toy friend.

He sits on my chair

And sleeps in my bed!

C c

C is for cow

Who is grazing now

In the grass-green silk,

Mrs. Cow, give me milk!

D d

One, two, three, four,

D is for dinosaur,

He lives in the box

With the bear and the fox.  

E e

One, two, three,

This is E,

E is for England,

Sail and see.

F f

F is for fish,

Swimmimng in the sea.

I wish for a golfish

To come back to me!  

G g

G is for giraffe

With the neck so long

To listen in the sky

For a merry birdsong! 

H h

H is for hedgehog

Who runs in the wood

Carrying on his needles

Mushrooms and fruits,

One, two,

One apple is for you.

I i

I is for an ireland

As green as my cap.

I is for ireland,

Find it on the map! 

J j

J is for jam,

Look at me, please!

I eat jam with ham,

With bread anf with cheese!

One, two, Give me too! 

K k

K is for kitten

With white-white fir,

So soft and little Singing:


L l

L is for lamb

With a silver bell,

The bell is ringing so well,

What a merry bell!


It’s a silver song. 

M m

M is for mouse

Who lives in a house,

One, two, three, four,

Her house is under the floor!  

N n

N is for night,

When the stars are bright,

We switch off the light

And say “Good night”!

O o

O is for orange

A tasty round ball,

Pass it to my basket –

Play basketball.

P p

P is for my pet,

My pet is a cat.

Her name is Pussy

And she’s afraid of the rat! 

Q q

Q is for Queen

Whom I’ve never seen,

She is like a star

So high and far! 

R r

R is for rainbow

After the rain,

A wonderful bridge

To the fairy tale,

Count to seven

And rise to the heaven! 

S s

S is for star

That shines so bright,

We call it the Sun

And live in its light! 

T t

T is for train,

Let’s travel again.

I like to play

With a toy railway!  

U u

U is for uniform

Of the Queen’s quard

So brave and stately

Marching in the yard! 

V v

V is for violet,

A flower of spring,

When the days get longer

And the birds sing!

W w

W is for whale

Who has a mighty tail,

He swims like a mountain

And makes a fountain!

X x

X is for Xmas,

What a happy day!

I’ve got a lot of presents

And games to play! 

Y y

Y is for yacht

Under full sail

When the wind’s strong

And the seagulls hail!

Z z

Z is for zebra

Black and white

White is for daylight,

Black is for night!